Cabinets Design & Remodeling in Clermont & Farmington, GA

Cabinets are inseparable parts of any kitchen and also, refurbishing is a great way to add beauty to an old kitchen. Philip Edward Contracting provides the best cabinet design & remodeling services in Clermont & Farmington, GA. We have years of experience helping homeowners with a complete solution for kitchen design & remodeling services. That means you can work with just one company for everything you need- including design, product comparison & selection, and everything else- straight through to completed construction.

Preparing Your Home for Cabinet Refurbishing


Cabinet refurbishing is not as big of a project as a full kitchen remodel, so there’s probably no need to stock up on taking out menus or rent a hotel room for a week. That being said, your life will be somewhat disrupted during the process, and following these steps can make the job faster for your contractor, and easier on you, too!

  • Create a close place for them to park their trucks outside the home so that the path to your kitchen won’t be painstaking.
  • Lay down drop cloths or old pieces of carpet along the path so any mess the contractors may create can be easily disposed of.
  • Remove any objects of value from the work site and the path to it. (Don’t force your countertop or cabinet contractor to risk moving your valuable items! Though many contractors are happy to help you in any way, this is a liability for them.)

Why Choose Philip Edward Contracting?

The Philip Edward Contracting team has been updating and restoring properties in the area for property managers and homeowners for decades. We know the urgency of needing to flip a unit quickly for the next tenant. We can provide comprehensive solutions for apartments, duplexes, townhomes, and other properties. Whether you need a new roof, interior or exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, or other work on one or more of your units, we can provide the restoration specialists to get it done quickly and right the first time, every time.

  • Experienced restoration and remodeling experts
  • Background and drug tested crews
  • Competitive pricing
  • RIA Certified

Contact us today or call us at 844-404-0207 to avail of our services in Clermont, Farmington, Lawrenceville, Redan, Scottdale, and other parts of our GA service area.

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