Storing of Kitchen Appliances in Ellenwood & Doraville, GA

Kitchen Appliances in Ellenwood & Doraville, GA

Often times when a kitchen is remodeled, the appliances are stored just outside the work area but we highly recommend you store them in a separate room. Otherwise, you might come home to find your $1200 range being used as a work table by an unwitting carpenter or another subcontractor.

Philip Edward Contracting provides a thorough guideline on storing kitchen appliances while remodeling in Ellenwood & Doraville, GA.

Appliance Storing Guideline by Philip Edward Contracting

Appliance Storing Guideline by Philip Edward Contracting
  • The Oven

    With a gas oven, you will first need to have it properly disconnected from the gas line by a professional. Once that is done, you will need to remove all of the interior racks and give the oven a good cleaning inside and out.

    After you’ve got the oven nice and clean you should cover the front of the oven (and top too if it’s a glass cooktop) with a protective film. Once the range is protected it can be moved with a furniture dolly, just be sure to pad the dolly with a moving blanket before loading the range onto it.

  • The Refrigerator

    Most people will want to have access to their refrigerators throughout the project. Because of this, you’ll want to identify a safe spot in the home where the fridge can be plugged in away from the work area.

    The first step should be to clean out the fridge. Ideally, you’d completely empty the fridge in order to move it but that’s not always possible. Next, protect the front of the fridge with a protective film just like we did with the oven. Then protect the floors from where the fridge is now, to where it will be kept during the remodel. Now you can safely move the fridge.

    Finally, as a precaution, we recommend emptying the icemaker and turning it off. If you are not going to be using the fridge then the first part of this process is to make sure that the refrigerator and freezer are fully cleared out and cleaned. Once it has been defrosted and completely wiped down, you will want to have the refrigerator prepared for storage and placed in a climate-controlled environment.

  • The Dishwasher

    To properly store your dishwasher, you should first have a skilled professional disconnect it from the waterline and have it drained. Afterward, give it a good cleaning and allow all of the moisture to dry out before you close it up. Once that’s done, you should protect the front with a protective film just like we did with the fridge and oven.

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