ADA Compliant Construction in Athens & Norcross, GA

Being ADA compliant is good business. 20% of Americans are disabled, and the number is growing as we live longer. The ADA market has more discretionary income than the 16-21 year market. Philip Edward Contacting provides ADA Compliant construction services in Athens & Norcross, GA.

ADA Compliance Expertise at Philip Edward Contracting

Philip Edward Contracting has a team of skilled and trained professionals to deal with the ADA Compliance, which is hands-on for each project. Our expertise also extends to corporate budget concerns. We will create a plan that maximizes the federal tax benefits available for you. We phase in a customized solution for each site.

Common ADA Construction Mistakes

Unfortunately, a large number of ADA access projects have to be redone. Many code inspectors are not fully up-to-date in ADA specifics. Franchise and business owners are too busy to know the volumes or regulations. Less experienced contractors are not aware of the tight construction tolerances and special techniques required.
Some common ADA construction errors noted by the government inspectors include handicap parking locations, improper access routes, surface slopes greater than two degrees; landing areas, doors, door thresholds, and entrances not meeting tolerances or specifications; curb cuts, edge protection, flare, and transition areas improperly constructed.

Don't Wait Until a Complaint Has Been Filed Against You

Waiting until a complaint has been filed is a risky business, and can result in 4-5 times higher costs. Philip Edward Contracting will draft a plan that maximizes your tax credits and deductions. And our experienced staff can even help you with the paperwork.

Why Choose Philip Edward Contracting?

The Philip Edward Contracting team has been updating and restoring properties in the area for property managers and homeowners for decades. Contact us today or call us at 844-404-0207 to avail of our services in Auburn, Clarkston, Duluth, Hoschton, and other parts of our GA service area. Our key features are:

• Experienced restoration and remodeling experts
• Background and drug tested crews
• Competitive pricing
• RIA Certified

Philip Edward Contracting knows the urgency of needing to flip a unit quickly for the next tenant. We can provide comprehensive solutions for apartments, duplexes, townhomes, and other properties. Whether you need a new roof, interior or exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, or other work on one or more of your units, we can provide the restoration specialists to get it done quickly and right the first time, every time.


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