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Philip Edward Contracting is the most reliable company for kitchen & bath lighting fixtures in Murrayville & Oakwood, GA. We understand the importance of properly installing new lighting fixtures for your home. As a homeowner, we know how important it is to receive top-notch and high-quality service.

With expertise throughout our company, we’ll inform you of the right lighting fixtures to upgrade your home with. Lighting contributes so much to your home utility bill, and with proper installation and lighting upgrades, you can save more. Take it from us when talking about lighting fixtures and learn about the upgrades you can make for your home’s bathroom and kitchen.

Lighting Fixtures & Services by Philip Edward Contracting

Lighting Fixtures

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a great option for homeowners who are looking to increase both the appeal and visibility of their bathroom or kitchen. Since track lighting is fairly easy to install, it can become an immediate update to increase the degree of illumination for your home. Track lighting will also allow you to point lamps in any direction, increasing the level of customization of lighting fixtures that you can take advantage of.

Shelf and Cabinet Lighting

It can be frustrating trying to find spices or even towels without enough lighting surrounding cabinets of your bathroom or kitchen. A helpful lighting installation is adding one under the cabinets. This is the best solution to this problem and in the meantime, adds an ambiance to the kitchen and bathroom areas of your home.


Finding the right chandelier for either your bathroom or kitchen is as luxurious as it gets. It actually creates more space for your kitchen or bathroom especially if these areas of your home are small. If you have limited space for floor lamps, chandeliers are a great alternative due to the amount of light it can produce and the appeal it will add.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is one lighting fixture that can help make your kitchen or bathroom look bigger along with providing enough light. Adding recessed lighting will create what’s known as wall washing. This means a lighting fixture will offer increased illumination to the walls in a particular room. Most people who own a home with sloped ceilings will enjoy recessed lighting installations the most because of the wall washing effect.

Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch is perfect for those who are looking for more control of lighting in a bathroom or kitchen. Not only will a dimmer switch installation allow you to adjust the brightness of a room, but it will also save you more energy in the process. Bulbs tend to last 25% longer when used with a dimmer switch.

Change Light Bulbs

Changing light bulbs can improve the ambiance and illumination of your kitchen or bathroom. Make sure to use the right wattage for your light bulbs because using higher wattage bulbs rather than recommended ones can lead to burnt-out bulbs faster.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

One of the most common lighting fixtures for illuminating a bathroom is through a mirror with lights built into it. Not only will the mirrors help you navigate your way through the bathroom during the night, but it can also offer a level of appeal.

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